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vi (after sleep etcetera) → sich strecken; (= be elastic) → sich dehnen, dehnbar sein; (= prolong: time, spot, authority, impact) → sich erstrecken (→ to bis, more than über +acc); (= be adequate: foods, cash, materials) → reichen (to für); (= develop into looser) → weiter werden; (= turn out to be lengthier) → länger werden; the rope received’t stretch to that write-up → das Seil reicht nicht bis zu dem Pfosten (hinüber); to stretch to reach a thing → sich recken, um etw zu erreichen; he stretched across and touched her cheek → er reichte herüber und berührte ihre Wange; to stretch back again to → zurückreichen bis; the fields stretched away into the distance → die Felder dehnten sich bis in die Ferne aus; the decades stretched (out) ahead of him → die Jahre dehnten sich vor ihm aus; a lifetime of distress stretched (out) prior to her → vor ihr breitete sich ein Leben voll Kummer und Leid aus; the protests stretched into their 2nd 7 days → die Proteste dauerten bereits die zweite Woche an; I can’t stretch to that → so viel kann ich mir nicht erlauben; our money received’t stretch to that → das lassen unsere Finanzen nicht zu

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(= pressure oneself) → sich verausgaben; if only he’d stretch himself just a little → wenn er sich nur etwas anstrengen würde

Bend your suitable knee and relaxation your foot on the ground. Your knee and foot must be in a very straight line down from your overall body; don't Allow your knee drift to 1 side or the opposite. Bending your knee allows you to keep your hips planted firmly on the ground all the time.

When you are having knee pain, you may reap the benefits of physical therapy to assist you take care of your issue. Your PT will assess your problem and provide procedures to assist you completely Get better. Stretching exercise routines might be a person element within your PT knee rehab.

continually. He can not work for a lot more than 3 hrs at a stretch. aanhoudend باسْتِمْرار، بلا تَوَقُّف наведнъж continuamente nepřetržitě ununterbrochen i træk συνέχεια, χωρίς διακοπή de un tirón, sin parar järjepanu پيوسته yhtämittaisesti d'affiléeברציפות एक मुश्त bez click here prekida, za redom egyfolytában terus-menerus samfellt di seguito/fila 一気に 계속해서 be sustojimo, neatsitraukiant bez pārtraukuma; bez apstājas terus-menerus achtereeni ett strekk jednym ciągiem تړلی، پرله پسی continuamente continuu, fără între­ru­pere подряд nepretržite, jedným ťahom nepretrgoma neprekidno i sträck อย่างต่อเนื่อง Helloç durmadan 連續地 підряд; без перерви لگاتار một mạch 一口气地

› applied to explain a thing that you think will likely be very hard to realize, pretty costly, and so on.:

Lie flat on the floor. Stretch your legs in front of you and maintain your arms at your sides. You might lie on the mat if you discover it extra relaxed.

Thrust against your elbows looking to shut your legs. (This contracts your groin muscles that may help you get a deeper stretch.)

exercising, doing exercises, physical workout, physical exertion, exercise - the activity of exerting your muscles in a variety of means to maintain fit; "the medical doctor encouraged regular physical exercise"; "he did some working out"; "the physical exertion necessary by his function kept him fit"

When naturally not as cartoonish as the deluded leaders within the Workplace, du Pont seemed to stretch credulity occasionally.

From Cambridge English Corpus The stiff string no longer includes a strictly harmonic overtone recipe, with intervals turning out to be progressively stretched among larger modes.

Ensure that while your head is tilted back, you keep the jaw calm and in some cases let your mouth fall open only a bit.

The EverStretch Doorway Flexibility Coach is a transportable leg stretcher created for ballet, dance, martial arts together with other sports. Use any strong doorpost to obtain success and transform your leg flexibility, hip choice of motion, stability and attain power and Regulate in excess of your actions.

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